Anthony Quinn Foundation

Institutional Partnerships

Anthony Quinn Foundation has a tradition of strategic partnerships with organizations that parallel interests held by Anthony Quinn which include art museums, galleries and civic and humanitarian organizations. 

We invites corporations, foundations, and organizations to provide funding for our important programs and initiatives. Institutional partnerships can come from one of several sources – corporate foundations, gifts of cash, services, or in-kind contributions. Grants provide the Foundation an opportunity to support work in many different areas ranging from general support for operations to specific programs. Please contact us for additional information.

Special thanks to our partners that have helped to make Anthony Quinn Foundation what it is today:

Anthony Quinn Foundation's Richard Carbotti Memorial Scholarship

Richard Carbotti, long-time AQF supporter and active member of our Advisory Board, passed away on January 21, 2014.

The founder of Perfect Surroundings in Newport, R.I., Richard was a pioneer and leader in event design.A native New Yorker, Richard studied interior design at famed design school Parsons in Manhattan followed by advanced work at Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications, which trained him to interpret design in the commercial world. 

The U.S. Navy brought him to Newport, R.I. Once there he landed a job in 1983 designing events for the international syndicates vying to participate in the legendary America's Cup yacht race. Richard's smash debut landed him on the national scene with coverage of his stunning parties in blockbuster magazines. In 1985, he launched his event firm Perfect Surroundings, which has grown to include an office in Miami. 

We remember our dear friend, Richard, and the many lives he touched with his gracious spirit. His memory lives on in his beautiful family and his legacy continues through the Anthony Quinn Foundation's Richard Carbotti Memorial Scholarship. Thank you to the numerous individuals who have supported this living remembrance. 

Sydney Harris, a young, talented vocalist from Yonkers, New York, was the first Carbotti Scholarship recipient. She used her scholarship in 2014 to attend a summer program at the Bel Canto Institute in Florence, Italy, where she received coaching sessions, voice lessons, and performance classes. She also performed in two concerts in public venues in Florence, and took Italian language classes as part of the summer program.

As her time in Florence was wrapping up, Sydney shared a video of one of her performances on the Foundation’s Facebook page with the following note: 

...this has been an extremely unique experience, and I’ll never forget it, or your kindness in helping me get there, for the rest of my life!
— Sydney Harris

In 2015, sisters Monet and Chloe Beatty were awarded the Richard Carbotti Memorial Scholarship. They later shared that they had:


" amazing experience, that we will never forget.  We attended Joffrey Ballet School South hosted by the University of Georgia, in Athens this past summer.  We experienced dance on a new level, met amazing people, and left inspired to do even more..."

Support the Richard Carbotti Memorial Scholarship

Bequests and Wills

Remembering Anthony Quinn Foundation in Your Estate Plans

A bequest is a gift through your will or living trust that costs you nothing now but provides support to Anthony Quinn Foundation after your lifetime. Bequests offer flexibility and can be structured to fit your personal situation. The gift is revocable, so you can change your mind at any time should your circumstances change.

You can make a bequest of cash, marketable securities, real estate, or personal property such as art or jewelry. In many cases, a bequest can reduce the taxes that would be levied against your estate, in the same way that donations during your lifetime entitle you to charitable income tax deductions.

Although legal consultation is advisable before you establish any type of will provision, know that a bequest could simply be stated as follows:

"I bequeath to ANTHONY QUINN FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization with tax ID 05-0519118, ____ percent of my total estate (or $_____, or other property) to provide support to its programs and initiatives."

Three Types of Bequests:

1. Outright Bequests

An unrestricted or outright bequest assures that your gift will be directed by the Foundation’s leadership to meet our most pressing needs. You may also designate your gift for a special purpose or program within the scope of the Foundation’s mission. You can restrict the use of principal, income, or both. 

2. Residuary Bequests

Residuary bequests help you to balance the needs of your heirs with your desire to provide for the future of the Foundation. Through such a gift, a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate is reserved to provide for your heirs first. Any remainder or residue, or a percentage thereof, is then passed on to the Foundation. 

3. Contingent Bequests

A contingent bequest results in a gift to the Foundation only under the circumstances you describe, such as the death of your primary heirs. By naming the Foundation as a contingent beneficiary, you can determine the disposition of your estate despite changing circumstances. 

Please contact us to learn more about variations of how you may direct your support, such as designating your gift for a special purpose or program within the scope of the Foundation’s mission. 


Life Insurance

A life insurance policy may provide a way for you to make a much larger contribution to support Anthony Quinn Foundation than you ever thought possible.

As your life evolves, so may your need for life insurance. You may now be in a position to:

  • Name Anthony Quinn Foundation as the recipient of all or part of the proceeds of a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for family protection.
  • Contribute a paid-up policy during your lifetime, resulting in a charitable deduction for an amount approximately equal to your policy’s cash surrender value.
  • Depending on state law, purchase a new life insurance policy in which you name Anthony Quinn Foundation as owner and beneficiary or co-beneficiary.

Next Steps:

  1. Contact your life insurance company to request a change-of-beneficiary form;
  2. Name 'ANTHONY QUINN FOUNDATION' as a beneficiary of all or a percentage of the policy’s value;
  3. Return the updated form to your insurance company;
  4. Contact us for information or assistance. Notifying us of a gift intention allows us to thank you and make sure we have a clear understanding of your plans. Your notification will be treated confidentially, if you so desire.


Savings Account/Certificate of Deposit

A savings account or certificate of deposit can provide immediate support to Anthony Quinn Foundation after your lifetime, if you name the Foundation as joint owner with rights of survivorship.

Consider the advantages of this approach:

  • Avoids delays or unnecessary expenses;
  • Allows you to maintain control of the assets throughout your lifetime. If your circumstances change, you may revoke the gift, withdraw the assets, or close the account;
  • The gift amount is deductible from your taxable estate.

Next Steps:

  1. Contact your financial institution for the forms needed to change the ownership of your account or certificate of deposit;
  2. Name 'ANTHONY QUINN FOUNDATION' as a beneficiary of all or a percentage of the account’s value;
  3. Return the updated form to your financial institution;
  4. Contact us for information or assistance. Notifying us of a gift intention allows us to thank you and make sure we have a clear understanding of your plans. Your notification will be treated confidentially, if you so desire.


Gifts of Stock

A direct gift of appreciated securities or stock to Anthony Quinn Foundation is a simple, tax-efficient way to give.

This allows the donor to receive an income tax deduction (equal to the fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift) and the opportunity to avoid capital gains tax. Please contact us for additional information.


Gifts of Art

The Foundation accepts approved gifts of of artwork.

The tax deductible amount is determined by the appraised fair market value of the artwork prepared by an independent source. Please contact us for additional information.